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"Jazz on the Air"

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From the Europa Radio Jazz Archives,  "Jazz On The Air"

A programme dedicated to the most famous American Broadcasts

They are all live recordings from 1923 from the radio stations and clubs


Presents: Elda Botta


Broadcasts  01     Bunny Berigan 1936/37 - Count Basie 1937 – Coleman Hawkins 1938


Broadcasts  02     Benny Goodman--Bob Crosby  1938/1939/1940


Broadcasts 03       Red Norvo 1936/37/38/39/40 - Tommy Dorsey 1940


Broadcasts 04       Glenn Miller  April 1940- Harry James 1940/41- Duke Ellington 1942/43


Broadcasts 05      Jimmy Dorsey N.Y.1938- S. Francisco 1944 - J.Teagarden  1943  Texas .Ca.


Broadcasts 06      T.Wilson N.Y.1943/44- H.James -  Orch. Hollywood 1944/45


Broadcasts 07      Eddie Condon Jazz Show  Concert N.Y 1944/45


Broadcasts 08     Mildred Bailey Radio Show 1944/45 – Jubilee 1945 –J. Otis Orch 1945


Broadcasts 09     Nat King Cole Trio 1944 – J .Lunceford 1942/45 California


Broadcasts 10     Lena Horne L.Angeles 1944 - E.Condon Show 1944- Strong Orch.Norfolk 1945


Broadcasts 11     B.Raeburg Orch.- S.Francisco May 1946 - Benny Carter Orch -L.A 1946/47/48


Broadcasts 12    G. Barnes Orch.Chicago 1946 – Les Brown Doris Day New York 1944/1946


Broadcasts 13    Charlie Ventura Orch - Vocal B.Stewart-Chicago - Radio Show 1947 –

  1. Ellington Orch.- Live NBC Radio 07/10/1946 - Denver CBS Radio 1947- Detroit 1950


Broadcasts 14    Part One - Dizzy Gillespie Live Radio Show 1947 Stations WNRN - N.Y.

Part Two  Teddy Wilson  Live  Radio NBC Apollo Theatre  N. Y 1944/45 – Edmond Hall

Teddy Wilson- Lester Young – Ralph Sutton  Live Radio WNNC  Philadelphia 11/11/1950


Broadcasts 15    Eddie Condon Show: Bobby Hackett  Buddy Rich  J. Teagarden  Sydney Bechet

Buddy Rich  Thelma Carpenter vocal


Broadcasts 16   Part One: Louis Armstrong  Bing Crosby  J. Teagarden Welma Middleton vocal

Scott Trotten orch. 21/02/1949

Part Two : Eddie Condon Floor Show: Louis Armstrong  J. Teagarden Chicago 11/06/1949


Broadcasts 17    Benny Goodman C.Christian D.Gillespie Red Norvo  Wardell Gray L.A. 1949


Broadcasts 18    Lester Young  Live Rec Session Birdland Caffe Society Royal Rust  N.Y


Broadcasts 19     Sonny Stitt  Art Blakey  Miles Davis Max Roach  Birdland N.Y 1949

Part Two:  Gene Ammons Stan Getz  1950  -Joe Sullivan Sextet Voice Of America 1944/51


Broadcasts 20     E. Garner J. Simmons  S. Wilson 1952-  Art Tatum Birdland N.Y 1952

  1. Poweel C. Mingus R. Hines Birdland N.Y 21/03/1953


Broadcasts 21     Charlie Parker Radio Live Show WCOP Boston 21/12/1953

Part Two: Oscar Peterson  Cafe Society N .Y 09/1954


Broadcasts 22      Gerry Mulligan Chet Baker Chico Hamilton L.A 1952 – Shelly Manne Russ Freman  L.A. 1956

Party Two J. Dorsey  Lyon Roberts vocal & J.Mercer  Live Radio Show NBC 1956



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